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Greetings and thanks for visiting our web site. Our names are Bruce and Merleen Gussiaas and we are  the owners and winemakers. Our last name is Norwegian and the same name as a small town in Norway.

Many years ago the people of that area in Norway heard about a terrible plague going through the country, so they "headed for the hills" to hide from it. As the story was told to us, they were spared from the plague and thus called it "Gussiaas" or in English, "God saved us".

We live near our little country church, which is named after Bruce's great grandparents' church in Norway.The township is also named after their Norway homeland.

We have lived on our farm for over 30 years. We have owned several busineses including farming, flower shop, health supplement and Bison. In 2009, we decided to try the winery and tourism business. For many years we made different wine varieties for ourselves . From the mostly positive results of those experiments, we made the decision to use some of the many fruits we planted in a new venture. A winery was in our future!

It is a good thing Bruce is a stubborn Norweigen because after many trials and tribulations in securing our licenses, we were finally able to begin producing wines. Sales to many North Dakota stores began in December of 2010.

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