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​RASPBERRY WINE: Sparkling red wine with vivid flavors and aroma. Appeals to both sweet and not so sweet palates.

PEAR WINE: A wonderful semi-sweet white wine made from ND pears. Chilled hard, near freezing.  
 This wine is a delicious subtle treat.

CHERRY WINE: This flavorful wine has a clean,fresh cherry taste with a lingering spicy finish. Northern N.D. cherries. Sweet to Semi-sweet.

CHOKECHERRY WINE: We think our chokecherry wine is as good as grandma's was. A red full bodied taste of the past. Best room temperature or slightly chilled. Semi-sweet.

APRICOT WINE: Made exclusively from apricot growers in ND. We have purchased apricots from growers across the state. Full bodied apricot flavors.

ARONIA WINE: A prairie grown fruit used long ago in healthy Native American diets. Full bodied red wine. Similar but slightly sweeter than Merlot or Cabs. Long lasting flavors with a slight honey undertone. Sweet to semi-sweet.

PLUM WINE: This semi-sweet wine gives you the taste of the meat of a wild plum, then a dryer finish, which comes from the plum skins. Wonderful orange blush. A light wine that would be great paired with white meats, fish or pasta.

RHUBARB RASPBERRY WINE: A light reddish colored wine. It has the rhubarb tartness with a raspberry zing.
Easy drinking with a lingering finish. Sweet to semi-sweet.

HASKAP WINE:  An interesting fruity wine made from this new berry. It has many flavors from raspberry and strawberry to blueberry.Fantastic taste sensation. Clean/crisp wine. Semi-sweet

CHOCOLATE RASPBERRY WINE: Chocolate lovers, here it is! Dessert in a bottle. Reminders of chocolate covered cherries or tootsie rolls. You will smell and taste the chocolate then finish with a burst of raspberry.Sweet.

HONEY MEAD WINE: Great honey taste. Smooth, fresh, easy drinking wine. Made from early season blonde honey. Those liking honey will enjoy this sweet wine

RHUBARB WINE: A bright, clean smooth finish white wine with comfortable rhubarb flavors. Not to much. Not to little. Would be great with a salad to start a meal. Semi-sweet.

SANDCHERRY WINE: These small purple cherries make a great orange mild wine. Spicy warm finish that appeals to both sweet and semi-sweet tastes.

APPLE WINE: Appealing golden colored wine with  wonderfu apple flavors. Sweet.

BLACK CURRANT WINE: Deep red wine. A tart wine with vivid aromas. Semi sweet.

APPLE CHERRY WNE: Nice apple body with fresh cherry flavors and a slightly spicy finish. Sweet.

We have entered our wines in several large contests across the US and received over 50  double gold, gold silver and bronze metals. This is a huge indicator that good wines can be made from other fruits as well grapes. 

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